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MiniKnots’ focus is on children’s interests and tastes. Our designs combine colourful and familiar motifs from nature and the world around us. Lively and textural, not only is each piece a beautiful addition to a child’s bedroom but is also playful and stimulating.

MiniKnots kilims are handwoven on traditional looms in Anatolia using quality 100% wool.


Our original ideas have been developed from the Gabbeh weaving tradition dating back to 16th Century Iran which regularly featured simple shapes and patterns, often used for conveying stories and themes. Our combined love for traditional kilims and children’s design has resulted in our unique range of Miniknots pieces especially for children.  

Ulgen Semerci - Founder

Ulgen Semerci

Ulgen grew up in Istanbul, Turkey, often finding herself surrounded by carpets and kilims in her father’s shop in the famous Grand Bazaar. It was here that Ulgen developed a keen interest for the weaving traditions of Anatolia, Iran and Central Asia. Going on to study art in Montreal and New York, Ulgen returned to Istanbul in 2009 where she developed her career as a visual artist. In addition, her continued passion for carpets and kilims has played an essential role in formation of Miniknots.